Videos De Andilamena

Videos De Andilamena

Videos de Andilamena, una ciudad/pueblo de Madagascar

Andilamena is a town and commune in Madagascar. It belongs to the district of Andilamena, which is a part of Alaotra-Mangoro Region. The population of the commune was estimated to be approximately 21,000 in 2001 commune census. In addition to primary schooling the town offers secondary education at both junior and senior levels. The town provides access to hospital services to its citizens. The majority 65% of the population of the commune are farmers, while an additional 10% receives their livelihood from raising livestock. The most important crop is rice, while other important products are peanuts, maize and cassava. Industry and services provide employment for 1% and 24% of the population, respectively.

Videos De Andilamena


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